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Why are Property Inspections Important?

Semi-Annual Home inspections are an integral part of Turnkey Services property management services. Our inspections include 360 degree images so we are less likely to miss any surface. Have you ever had to look up to see if there was a prior stain on a ceiling to see if it is new or old? This info is important when determining whether or not to hire an emergency plumber.

This detailed diary of the tenant’s occupation helps to document problems and create a side-by-side comparison report when determining wear and tear. Meeting with our tenants in person semi-annually also promotes positive tenant interaction where we often are able to address maintenance situations and find small repairs that without talking to the tenant would go unknown potentially causing larger issues down the road.

Most importantly, our inspection software date, time & location stamps each photo. Why is this important? Because these photos may need be used in a court of law. Just in case there is a dispute it is nice to know there is proof that could be available to help defend a case.

We perform Move IN/Out Inspections, Drive-By’s, Repair Inspections & Semi-Annual Inspections that in minutes. All the information is organized, accessible, and backed up instantly across devices. Our inspections protect the liability of our management company, our Landlords and our tenants. Order a Turnkey Services Inspection and see the difference.